Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Email marketing

  • the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email
Email Marketing

What We Do

For only $50/month

Email Marketing

Step 1: Sorting

After signing on with us, the first thing we do is categorize your email list into different sections and sub-sections depending on the type of emails you want to send and the frequency of their emission. 

Email Marketing

Step 2: Email Campaign Creation

After creating categories and filtering through your collected emails, we then create custom campaigns, equipped with custom emails to be sent out to certain predetermined categories that we can re-use and update consistently throughout each month without interfering with the email blasts.

Email Marketing

Step 3: Email Blasts

Finally, once we have achieved a sending protocol with you and have completed the designed emails, we can proceed with sending them out to all lists. We collect information about how many users open the emails, which emails are more frequently effective, and which campaigns need to be adjusted or scrapped for better efficiency.

Email Marketing

Marketing Timeline

Month one

25-200 Emails Collected

Follow our advice on marketing your website or avenue of collecting emails from customers and you can expect a list size of at least 25 emails, opted in and receiving your company promos, discounts, special offers, etc.


Achieve More than 1% Capture

After 3 months of solid advertising, you can expect to be bringing in around 1% of the email-list clients you pursue. This may not sound like much, but when you have a list of hundreds of emails, bringing in only 1% (which is a conservative figure) can make an enormous impact on your business’ growth.

Month Three

Month Six

Monetizable List

Now you have enough emails that you can actually, if you ever needed to, sell the list to a number of companies. Therefore, the list now becomes an asset that can be used for affiliate marketing, personal marketing, and of course, profitable distribution.

1 YEAR +

Unlimited Marketing Potential

Your list is massive, your returns are enormous and your ability to monetize your list is becoming it’s own business. It becomes easy at this point to realize that having Intergate Design manage your list is worth way more than $50/month. 

1 Year +